A virtual reality experience based on first-hand stories of escape across The Berlin Wall

Virtual Reality allow memories to be transformed into immersive experiences. The key elements of the project are first-hand accounts from people who either escaped across the Berlin Wall by illegally crossing the border, or who helped others to escape the soviet sector of the divided city. Through a series of five interviews, the team uncovered personal stories which were captured in volumetric video format.

The volumetric material is a key element of the virtual experience, which enables the viewer to see and interact with avatars of the eye witnesses in the virtual space. In addition, the stories are enriched through 3D models and scene captures. The team sets out to reproduce the material of the places mentioned in the anecdotes on the streets of Berlin by using various techniques (e.g. drone, Matterport).

By creating a narrative which enables the viewer to freely explore and transition between the stories, the viewer can uncover the content in a non-linear way.


We would like to thank:

  • Peter Bieber
  • Ralph Kabisch
  • Hartmut Richter
  • Joachim Rudolph
  • Dr. Burkhart Veigel
  • Hone Johnson
  • Mark Belcher
  • Gavin McDowell